The Will (Eileen is Sarah with Vasan Thepnok Aalborg)  Elf,  MMIII New Line Productions, Inc. (Eileen is a Singer in this shot filmed in Central Park) I am Legend The David Dance - Voiceover Maria Ana (Eileen is Mother Superior) Muffy and Melvin, Strangerfilms (pictured from left to right: Eileen Woods, Allison Lane, Stephanie Michels Pictures of You  (Eileen and Catherine Carter) Lorette (Eileen Woods and Doug Barron) Lorette Ca$h for Gold (Eileen is the nurse from hell) From the Dust(Eileen as the Mourning Mother) From the Dust (Eileen as the Mourning Mother) Split/Screen (Eileen as Day Nurse) Split/Screen (Eileen as DayNurse) Cast of the Wallet (Eileen as Sara) Sara, Head of Administration, a Columbia Film